Release Date

11 Feb

Hey all,

Just FYI, This Is BYU-Idaho will debut on on March 24, 2011. The initial release will feature the first three packages, created and directed by Joey Ferguson. After that, packages will be independently produced by individual I~Comm Student Media teams.

As a reminder, Production Journal is simply a place for notes on the development of the project.


Director Diary: 2/10/11

10 Feb

Today we presented the final video for the first package. The entire team did an amazing job, but a special credit goes to John Meier who pulled an all-nighter to edit the video. Continue reading

Day One: 1st Shoot

8 Feb

The lights are lit. The tripods are locked. The cameras are set and the record button pushed.  Today marks Day 1 of production, beginning with the first package, consisting of photo, video, infographics and articles. At about 4:30pm, the crew from Group 1 shot the interview portion of the video with a student named John Spooner. Continue reading

What Is “This Is BYU-Idaho”?

7 Feb

From Joey Ferguson’s COMM499 Senior Project Proposal:

“There are many things that could represent Brigham Young University-Idaho. It could be the new BYU-Idaho Center, the academics or the environment. However, none of these things define the campus in its entirety. What makes up the personality of the campus are the people who attend it.

Continue reading